Seeing Red

A new episodic narrative podcast with bold new storytelling every week. From the depths of your fears to the peaks of your ambitions, each story will challenge, delight, or maybe frighten as you are transported to different realities. Are you seeing clearly now?

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The Void

Friday Nov 22, 2019

Friday Nov 22, 2019

As an astronaut journeys with her AI companion to a distant space station, tensions rise once she realizes that something might have snuck on board with her.
Written and Directed by Liam ArmstrongPerformed by Sasha Rehaume, Sara Dove, Khalonji Bulluck, and Jordan Campbell
Outro Song: "Junk Ship Gold" by Danosongs

True Justice

Wednesday Oct 30, 2019

Wednesday Oct 30, 2019

A man enters a hotel to commit a murder he knows he will get away with.
Written by Francois Saint Cyr
Directed by Francois Saint Cyr and Liam Armstrong
Performed by Rytis Valiunas, Cici Rose, Jordan Gonzalez, Jerijah McCray, and Sabyne Santiago
Outro Track: "Jump Off" by James Black

Wednesday Oct 23, 2019

Best friends Dominic Fellows and Thomas Wilde spend their final day of university hanging out at a local bar. But when Thomas runs into someone who might be the love of his life, will their friendship survive?
Written and Directed by Liam Armstrong
Performed by Michael Dormer, Owen Schiller, Celina Chapman, and Andy Gonzalez
Outro Track: "Asked" by Jay Rosie

Sunday May 12, 2019

A university student from Lithuania has his normal commute interrupted by a man who seemingly knows everything about him. 
Written and Directed by Liam Armstrong
Performed by Rytis Valiunas
Outro Track: "Running Ahead" by Any Gama.

Sunday May 05, 2019

Anisha Williams, a young African American woman, has been having some problems with her wall. 
Written by Liam Armstrong
Directed by Channing Smith and Liam Armstrong
Performed by Tiffany Creary, Sara Dove, Erik Ferrari, and Rita McCann
Outro Track: "burnt bridges" by balilooo.

Shady Brook Shores

Sunday Apr 28, 2019

Sunday Apr 28, 2019

On the shores of their hometown, a young couple try to piece together what happened to their relationship and what was lost. 
Written and Directed by Liam Armstrong
Performed by Sam Tomlinson and Rita McCann
Outro Track: “Each Other’s Embrace” by Julia Betancourt and Santiago Mayorga.

At Jezero Base

Friday Apr 19, 2019

Friday Apr 19, 2019

A young man is interviewed to join the Martian Marine Corps. 
Written and Directed by Liam Armstrong
Performed by Nick Ritacco
Outro Track: "Monolith" by Wight Tank.

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